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Have a great tour. Hope to see you when you play next at Canterbury.
Looking forward to seeing you in York UK again! But do you not have your fiddle player (Mandolin player) with you now??? Looks like you have had a big re-shuffle from the last time we saw you!?! Have a safe trip & an enjoyable tour! cheers Andie & Mel
Looking forward to your show at a Hugh’s Room. Just two more weeks!
Al's bass seems SO small now. Surprised it can put out so much sound.
So glad to find you are still playing...my husband and I loved Tanglefoot....yippee! When will you come back to our school?
Finally!!! You'll be in Michigan! The last time I saw you was in Owen Sound for your final Tanglefoot performance. We're excited.
Greetings, I still listen to my 4 Tanglefoot cds and the dvd. I first watched you guys play at Arkell Schoolhouse. It was such a great place for folk concerts. It was owned by my life long friend Peter Ysselstein and his wife Geraldine. They sold Arkell and moved to the capitol of PEI where Peter is getting his masters degree. At Arkell you did not even need a sound system. The last concert I seen you guys was at an old church in downtown Brampton. I hope to drive to Owen Sound to do some fishing and see you guys play again. best wishes, Richard Boersma
I was listening to an old compilation disk I had made for trips, and Tanglefoot came on; I was SO happy I had thrown that in. I know I had three Cds, but am not sure where they got to. So naturally I had to go looking for what happened to you guys. I am very pleased to see you are still making music. Adding this site to my favorites.
Just rediscovered you guys, advertised for your Wellsboro, PA. show. I saw you as Tanglefoot several times at the Endicott Performing Arts Center, over the years. It may be two hours away, but by gosh, I need a night of your music in my life....See you there!!!!!!
Some great stuff by you on the CD & on YOUTube. Hope you'll be touring the UK next year, maybe doing a fest festival gigs?
You guys rock I've been to all the tangle foot shows and tangle foot was the first band I saw when I was in america .my second day in America I saw tanglefoot. You guys are my fave band ever I really hope you play some tanglefoot music at the rendezvous I would really appreciate it if you played "the midwife's dance" for me. You guys have made my music life so much better than it was before
Hey, guys...just found you on Facebook. Maybe see you at Albert Lea this fall.
Just wanted to say "thank you" guys for making the trip out to Great Yarmouth yesterday. You gave us a fantastic gig. Such a shame more people weren't there to appreciate it ! As an added bonus I discovered a beautiful version of Mac Crimmon's Lament on Al's solo CD.
Enjoyed seeing you touring the UK again. Thanks for introducing me to the music of Joe Crookston.
Have a great tour. Will miss you at Canterbury this year. Lucky Brits!

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